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ABCA Website External Links Disclaimer


Variety of Linked Entities
The ABCA website is a nexus of diverse connections leading to various destinations online, including businesses, federal and state agencies, as well as private and community organizations. These connections are formulated as links, extending a web of resources for the users to explore and engage with.



User Convenience and Information
These external links are incorporated and maintained on the ABCA website primarily for user convenience and informational purposes. They serve as additional resources, allowing users to access a variety of information and services beyond what is available on our website.



Navigational Awareness
When users navigate away from the ABCA website by accessing these external links, it’s essential to be aware that they will be subject to the policies, rules, and regulations of the linked website. ABCA emphasizes the importance of reviewing and understanding the privacy and security policies of these external sites before sharing any personal information.



Control and Accuracy of Content
ABCA does not exercise control over the content, relevance, timeliness, or accuracy of the materials and information presented on these external websites. While we aim to provide valuable resources, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the content available on these external sites.



Link Inclusion and Endorsement
The presence of external links on the ABCA website does not imply any form of importance hierarchy or prioritization of the linked contents. Moreover, the inclusion of these links does not constitute ABCA’s endorsement or approval of the views expressed, products, services offered, or the organizations managing and sponsoring the linked websites.



At ABCA, we are dedicated to facilitating a user-friendly environment, enriched with a multiplicity of resources. However, users are encouraged to exercise discernment and due diligence when navigating to external links and interacting with their contents.