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Ensuring that every stride taken is a step towards a future where opportunities are boundless and success is shared and celebrated collectively.


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DAS Bid Briefs



Bid Brief notifications serve as valuable resources for contractors. A new edition of the Bid Brief is disseminated every week, ensuring delivery by no later than 8 am each Monday. 

Contractor Tool Box Tip



ABCA Contractor Tool Box Tip emerges as an indispensable resource for professionals navigating through the complexities of the field.

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Video Training



ABCA compliance and sustainability practices, the video training encompasses a comprehensive curriculum that is both diverse and pertinent.

ABCA Newsletter



The ABCA Newsletter, disseminated on a monthly basis, acts as a compass, guiding contractors through the ebbs and flows of industry trends, policy changes, and opportunities. 

Contractor Spotlight



Celebrating and showcasing the incredible talent, innovation, and success of our esteemed members who contribute significantly to the construction industry’s vibrancy and diversity.

ABCA emerged as a beacon of support and growth for minority contractors, ensuring they are not just participants in the regional construction and business environment but also pivotal contributors who shape its trajectory. The primary aim revolves around fostering an environment that mitigates the disparities in opportunities and ensures that minority contractors, especially those of African American descent, have a solid, equitable footing in both the public and private sectors of the construction industry.

Uplifting, promoting, and create a robust platform for minority business


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The Austin Black Contractors Association (ABCA) holds collaboration at its core, believing that shared objectives and mutual support cultivate a dynamic environment where companies flourish alongside communities.


Connecting with the Austin Black Contractors Association (ABCA) is a step toward becoming an integral part of a dynamic and empowering community. We value communication as a cornerstone for building fruitful relationships, understanding diverse perspectives, and fostering a network that thrives on mutual support and shared objectives.


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