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Tools & Resources

At ABCA, we are committed to delivering exceptional value through our comprehensive suite of services. With a dedicated approach, our team tailors solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.


Here’s a glimpse into what ABCA brings to the table:

Construction Management and Administration

  • Project Scheduling: Streamlining timelines for optimal project progression.
  • Payment Oversight: Managing pay applications & schedules of values diligently.
  • Self-preparation Tools: Offering take-offs and cost estimating worksheets for autonomous preparation.



Business and Contract Law (Through Legal Referrals)

  • Contract Mastery: Expertise in contract negotiations and mediations.
  • Adaptability and Resolution: Managing change orders, problem-solving, and dispute resolution proficiently.
  • Legal Referrals: Specialized in mechanic lien laws and procedures.


  • Brand Representation: Crafting compelling company profile resumes.
  • Strategic Promotion: Developing and executing robust marketing plans.
  • Engagement and Network Building: Encouraging participation to attend pre-bid/pre-proposal conferences and construction networking sessions and mixers.

Administrative Services

  • Claims and Analysis: Managing bond claims, bid bond results & job cost analyses with surety.
  • Certification Management: Overseeing MBE/WBE/DBE/HUB certifications and re-certifications.
  • Documentation: Providing essential business forms and applications.


Group and Individual Technical Assistance

  • Dynamic Training: Offering Interactive Tool Box Training sessions.
  • Comprehensive Guidance: Providing support in construction management and administration, business, and contract law, as well as marketing.