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Introducing The ABCA

The Austin Black Contractors Association, Inc., more familiarly known as the ABCA, stands tall as a non-profit corporation that was officially established on March 25, 1988. Its inception was fuelled by the vision to uplift, promote, and create a robust platform for business and economic development opportunities, specifically catering to African American contractors within the bustling Austin Metropolitan and five county areas: Travis, Hays, Williamson, Bastrop and Caldwell.


Mission and Vision

ABCA emerged as a beacon of support and growth for minority contractors, ensuring they are not just participants in the regional construction and business environment but also pivotal contributors who shape its image. The primary aim revolves around fostering an environment that mitigates the disparities in opportunities and ensures that minority contractors, especially those of African American descent, have a solid, equitable footing in both the public and private sectors of the construction industry.


Strategic Goals

1. Enhanced Participation in Construction Procurements:
   ABCA aspire to significantly amplify the participation of African American contractors in public and private sector construction procurements. This means navigating through processes, understanding the nuances of bidding, and ensuring a fair chance in the acquisition of contracts.


2. Capacity and Capability Building:
   ABCA commits to cultivating an environment where African American contractors can bolster their capacities and capabilities. This is achieved through targeted management and technical skills development training, which spans across various domains – from project management to advanced technical acumen.


3. Boosting Competitiveness in the Construction Marketplace:
   Nurturing a spirit of competitiveness among African American contractors within the construction marketplace is pivotal. ABCA aims to enhance their market position through various strategic initiatives, ensuring they are robust contenders in the industry.


4. Job Creation for Low and Moderate-Income Residents:
   By steering various construction projects and initiatives, ABCA aspires to create a multitude of job opportunities, especially for low and moderate-income residents in the Austin Metropolitan Area, ensuring economic development filters through various layers of society.


5. Promoting Community Empowerment and Self-Sufficiency:
   ABCA staunchly believes in the principle of community empowerment through self-sufficiency. By promoting business and economic development and enabling contractors to elevate their businesses, the association ensures that the community, as a whole, moves towards a path of self-reliance and empowerment.


ABCA’s Future Aspiration

The journey that commenced in 1988 continues with unwavering resolve. ABCA, through its initiatives, seeks to weave a future where every African American contractor not only finds a platform to shine but also contributes towards crafting a community that thrives on equality, empowerment, and economic growth. Through sustained efforts in capacity building, opportunity creation, and empowerment, ABCA remains dedicated to moulding a future where every contractor in the Austin Metropolitan Area finds their path towards success and every resident experiences the economic upliftment generated through these endeavors.